Body Listening

Listening of body Course

The course consists with 3 Sessions of 2 hours length each one.

We experience the LISTENING to our body to see which relationship we have with it and how we can improve that. 

The focus is on the listening, a powerful TOOL which connects directly to our body. The movements allow us to perceive emotions in the body and let them go if they are limiting our possibilities in life.

The opportunity to experience different rhythms let ourselves generate a scrupulous observer who can guide us toward the extraordinary effectiveness of being.

The approach is ontological, based on our BEING. Always WE ARE, if we are feeling good or not, if we are feeling love or fear, anger or gratitude.

 Our being needs always to be listened. In this way we can discover our essential needs and aspirations, generating the reality we wish for US.


  • Connect to body needs
  • Experience trust in our body and being
  • Practice the listening of the body
  • Let go emotions which limit possibilities
  • Transform stages of being consolidated, which close possibilities
  • Express being through movement, exploring new ways for us