Circular Breathing

Breath Work Course:

Why an approach focused on being is essential?

Circular Breathing deeply reactivates metabolism by giving vitality, harmony and healthy contact with body and its essential elements.

We let ourselves connect with body in a natural dimension, consenting to purify it from the toxins deeply stuck and thanks to its power we allow to rebalance ourselves.

Our way of breathing is closely connected with the way we live in relationships with others through our language and our being. All that we live generates emotions. These may leave a trace in the body by preventing the natural flow of vital energy, limiting the possibilities in everyday life.

The circular breathing, in the proposed pathway of 10 sessions, flanked by a deep work on our language, is going to dissolve knots and emotional blocks present and latent, creating new possibilities for us to live fully and discovering the true dimension to the source of our being.



  • Revitalize and regain energy
  • Leave the superfluous and what limits us
  • Free from fears and anxieties
  • Trust the future
  • Discover ourselves and express our being