Nutrition Coaching

Listen to your body, when it is calling for you!

Eat healthy, take care of your body, enjoy your free time, breath and…live well. 

How’s it going? What are you feeling when you’re eating?

I listen to my body and I feel very good. And I know what I eat. 

The nutritional coaching approach:

In nutrition coaching listening is the key, supported by a nutritional plan modeled on special needs of the person. The most important outcome is the physical and entire wellbeing of the person. Coaching is an effective tool for achieving this outcome, in which the coach supports and guide the person towards the desired or recommended result, based on a customised plan.

Nutritional approach can also combined with breathing, a powerful tool which can connect directly ourselves with our body, allowing a catalysis effect. The way of breathing is related to our way of living and with which we express ourself. Breathing in a circular way can free the body by toxins accumulated, letting the energy flow. Circular breathing is a deep purification of body.

Bloom of beauty

Learning to accept our body as beautiful and healthy means not only eating a balanced diet, but also living fully and well in our body. It means to identify deeply with our body.

Rediscover a healthy and light body

Lose weight through nutritional intake, have a more suitable fitness for the development of the relevant functions of the body, this may remedy or mitigate the major age-dependent diseases and improve sports performance.

Regenerate deeply and discover new energy

Rediscover a fresh body, more receptive and alive, allow us to enjoy a healthy and optimal condition. Receive a source of energy from healthy food, helps to generate more vitality and new energy for our body.

Why the Biologist - Nutrition Coach?

I would love to help you, not just in the creation of an individual nutritional plan, but in valuing your needs as a whole being. Energetic and nutritive needs are very important but also there are many aspects related and connected deeply to our being that needs to be listened and accompanied.